Sunday, July 22, 2007


This past week has been an eventful one. Birthday week for Alex Gregory. And he's been in rare form. I really wanna write these things down before they get lost forever.

We had a b-day party for Alex on his actual birthday. I just did it easy this year- 5 cousins his age. It was great.

Anyway, then on Saturday we had a small party at nana's. Bailey was obviously ticked that Alex had another b-day
party, and they had words. Well, at nana's, Alex took nana aside and said, nana can we talk? Is it all about me? N- Yes, Alex, it's totally 'all about you'. A- '...cuz Bailey said it's not all about me.'

On the way to a family bbq/swim party, I noticed Alex hadn't brought his suit. I asked him why and he said he wouldn't be swiming. I was feeling bad for him and was trying to find the root of his concerns. After we had exhausted the subject, granny
said, 'Alex, Everyone will be swimming...' Alex- "Not me."

We were at the family BBQ and Alex came up to me from the pool and said- "Bad news for me, mom. The kids are making fun of me."

He's so honest, and it's funny that even at a young age he's not swayed. He sticks to his guns. Cute 'lil guy.

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