Sunday, July 22, 2007

Haven't laughed this hard

What a RUSH!! I was not prepared for this feeling- at all!!

It really gets your stomach. I laughed so hard the first time
I went up on the bungee jump that I was silent the whole way
up and down. Once I caught my breath, I laughed and
yelled at the audience and everyone was watching and laughing-
and wondering what my deal was!! I was sooooo loud and couldn't
help myself!!
Once I got used to it, it was AMAZING!! I did
back flips the rest of the time. It was the best ever!!

1 comment:

conniemiles said...

Amy!! You are one BRAVE lady!! And a little gymnast/trapeze artist! I'd never have the courage to do that!! Sure looks like a much better trip than the last time you were there in Colorado!! Remember Nov'03!! So glad you made it home in one piece!!