Tuesday, August 28, 2007

he likes deep massages

gar says this phrase about 10 times a day. anytime he is around adam, he starts massaging his shoulders like this. i didn't even realize gar was giving a massage --until i looked closely at this pic on my computer screen. obvious. this picture is a perfect representation of each party's expression and attitude. adam usually is quiet, but he gets this look on his face. gar totally makes this face! we find the phrase humorous because- since when did adam say he likes a massage, let alone a deep one?
last sunday, Alex says: "dad! enough of the 'deep massages' thing!"


Rhonna said...

love you guys...love this photo...& YES>>>I can totally hear Gar saying that!!!!
& Adam!
you da best!

Rob, Melis & Reed said...

Mamy! Rhonna left a comment on my blog too! My first autograph from a real famous person! I was all giddy when I read it! Too fun!