Friday, August 24, 2007

love this girl

just thinking of bailey and how much she has grown. at seven years old she seems so capable. she remembers more details than i do and is often reminding me that this book is due or that we need something from the store. she takes care of her brothers like a pro. she has been a nurturer from the beginning. i still remember when she just turned 2 and i was feeding (a brand new) alex. she answered the phone and took a message for me!! i couldn't believe it. later i called the person back to see if it was really her that had called. sure enough.
she is such a sweetheart and a beauty!
love this girl!


dramysMOM said...

Amy, I LOVE your blog!! This pic of Bailey is priceless. I love this girl too. And Adam has changed so much just in a month!!!! He's not a baby anymore. I remember Alex's school last year. I was the one he was kicking and screaming at!! So great he loves it now and is looking forward to it. Keep on bloggin'babe. love it! Love it!! LOVE IT!!

Robert said...

Whoa! This picture shocked me for a minute! She just looks so much older! Man, where does the time go? What beautiful kiddos you have!

Robert said...

It's me, Melis, posting as robert.

amy said...

robert, hu?

Rhonna said...

robert, got lots o' pipples here!

ok..Bailey is freakin' GORGEOUS!!!
love it!
& LOVE that memory of her....priceless!

conniemiles said...

OK!! When i look into Bailey's face I can see the young woman she will be in just 10 years!! Hold on to your seat!! Time will fly faster than you can ever be ready for!! Bailey - you are BEAUTIFUL!! Love you, NANA