Monday, August 13, 2007

New Beginnings

It is a time for new things.
New school year!! Bailey started 2nd like a champ!!
New family starting! We love Melis and Logan.
New baby cousin. What a sweet feeling he brings!!

Just a few comments on each event:

Bailey says the 2nd day: Mom, please don't make
me go back! At recess my armpits are like water!
You don't have someone telling you to go outside
to play for like 10 minutes- 3 times a day! (LOL! I
actually do agree. It's way too hot to be running
around outside!! I wish they could go to the gym
or something! Needless to say- she went to school!)

It was absolutely beautiful. The ceremony was
wonderful, simple and unforgettable. I love the
feeling I get when I listen to a sealing. It's truly
amazing. Melissa was a radiant bride and was
so much fun to watch. The video Rob did is
amazing and showed their cute personalities
throughout! They are so happy and sweet
together! The reception was gorgeous. I still
can't get over how perfect it looked! WOW!!
Mom did a fabulous job. I am soo happy for
Melis and Logan! What fun.

Jeff and Cherie had their baby boy!! (Well, Cherie
did the work. :) His name is Lincoln James. He is a perfect doll!
I love seeing new babies. I love their smell, sounds,
their look, their sweet little spirits! Fun!
And, James is for Elder Foust who passed away
last week. Jeff said one James was comming
and one James was going. Neat.

Just a time of reflection. I am so happy and greatful
for all the great blessings I have in my life! What a
wondedrful tome to be alive. We feel sooo blessed.

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