Monday, August 13, 2007

Where's Adam?

I was in on the computer listening to Adam play in the room across the hall. He was making this bumping sound and was cooing and laughing and 'talking'. After a while, I wondered what the rhythmic bumping was.
I walked into Bailey's room where I'd heard him playing and didn't see him immediately. PANIC! I started a quick scan of the room and started at my right.
2-Doll pack and play with smiling doll inside
3-Bed covers...
Wait, what a freakishly large doll face.
Double take back to the crib.
Adam is laying on his back IN the pack'n'play as if it were his size and his bed. He looked sooo pleased with himself and so pleased I was able to discover his handy work. How the heck did he get inside anyway? Cute boy.
check it. The last pic shows room to spare in the child-sized pack'n'play!
In case you didn't figure it- The bumping was him moving around in his tight quarters.

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Rob, Melis & Reed said...

Oh, Adam! What a cutie! I just love him! That smile melts my little heart!