Saturday, September 1, 2007

euro tour

it's coming soon!! they've been practicing 2x's a week. next sat i'll check out the practice. i love watching him sing! i'm his #1 fan. (connie may fight me for this spot.:)
i checked out Intuition's my space. way cool. as soon as u go on, gar's singing & there's even a place to download the songs. way fun.
on the side- it lists the german/polish cities where they will perform and the venue name. that's so fun to see!
wish i were going, but i don't wanna be a third wheel --and take the train alone each night to the next city while they sleep on the tour bus.
here's one of their articles in a german mag. wish i could read german...


troit said...

Garrett and Amy the euro tour is way cool! We've always enjoyed your music. I wish I was able to get over to Europe to attend a concert. I'll send a note to a few guys in Frankfurt & Berlin to let them know you are playing.
Congrats and Enjoy the tour,
Tim Roit

Sloopy Farkle-Tush said...

WOW Amy!! I LOVE your scrapbook page of Garrett's euro tour! You are really getting pro at desktop publishing/photoshop!! Way to go!!

amy said...

thnx, guys!

dramysMOM said...

that last "ooooooooooooh!" e-mail I sent I thought ws a comment on your blog. I think I hve it figured out now. Thanks for doing the blog. We LOVE seeing the pics-- which BTW are amazing, you little photographer you! You must have had a grandpa that ws a pro and an uncle. It's in the genes-- and hearing the precious comments the kids make and your take on it. LOVE IT!! Keep it up please! Hey, what's Intuition's my space address? Please post a link.

amy said...

mom. intuition's link is on the side of my blog where it says 'gar's music'. click that and it will take you directly there.