Friday, October 5, 2007

hannover 2

looking back on hannover:

the crowd was great!

they put intuition on stage @ 7:30- so there were not many people there at that time. those that were there were good fans.

talked to gar @ 1:30 am (his time) and he was eating from Pizza Hut. (not his vibe here in the states, but there he is very happy with it!)

today's highlights:
*leaves are turning colors- reminds gar of 'the burg' (pittsburg)
*beautiful scenery
*meeting great fans
*by far the coolest venue! clean, and a good vibe inside. cool looking
*meetingt ken's mom and grandma (fun for ken to see his hometown of geusen!)

tomorrow morning they decide if they'll drive the 500 miles (1000 round-trip) to lodz, poland.

-and i almost forgot. miss lippy's car is green and billy likes to drink soda. ;)

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