Sunday, December 9, 2007

that doll

apparently there is a baby doll that knows her name and can repeat it to you. the commercial goes like this:
'she even remembers her name'
doll: 'emma' (in a sweet- but kind of creepy voice)

alex comes to me.
mom- can i get that doll?
me: (i was really taken off guard since he doesn't play with dolls
or have any interest in that. my first thought was- 'if your dad knew you just asked for a doll...'
uh- sure - why do you want it?
alex: so i could name it elvis... (laughs) and all day she would be saying, 'elvis' in that cweepy voice.


Meredith said...

That is tooo funny! I love the picture!

Shannon said...

Who wouldn't want to name their doll Elvis...Thats pretty funny. You take beautiful pictures've got some talent girlie!!

melis said...

I love this picture... it truly captures Mr. Alex! Love that boy!

TheReadFam said...

Hey, I'm Melis's best bug out here in Big Tex. Just love your site. What program do you use to do all of your cute stuff and could you teach Melis a thing or two while she is there. She needs all the help she can get, ok not really, I just want to cheat off her.


Laura & Jimmy said...

hahahahahaha! that's even better than the rock story. i'm so glad i logged onto your blog today.