Wednesday, November 21, 2007

feelin' thankful

this is a whole blog in itself! i don't think i would laugh as much or do as many spontaneous things if i didn't have my gar. i love watching him teach our children about the gospel. i love that he takes teaching moments and goes with it. i love his voice. i love when he reads and plays with the kids. i love how he looks and smells when he's out the door & on his way to the office. fun, lovable and handsome. :)

sweet bailey. i love that girl! she is so capable, so caring, a mother hen -since birth. she keeps us all in line. she keeps us smiling with her cute humor. i love her laugh!! she's an adult packed into a little body. and she is definitely the apple of her daddy's eye. she has redecorated things i do since she was 2.5. definitely an independent little girl. :) talented, beautiful (in & out), artistic.

just saying his name makes me smile. he is so intelligent. looking at him, you can just see the gears in his head turning. i can't wait to see which profession he chooses! he's very analytical. he also notices details! he is kind and sweet and complimentary to others. he is very aware of others' feelings and loves to help wherever needed. he is also a straight arrow. he says the funniest things ever and has us laughing always. analytical, funny, caring.

oh boy! this little guy has stolen my heart. he has actually has every member of my family's heart! he is the happiest baby ever. we love to see his new tricks. we love to cuddle and love on him. we love his cute, squished up grin!! he has quite the little personality developing! what a ham. smiley, happy, busy.

the gospel.
we are so grateful to enjoy the blessings the gospel brings. i am so thankful for all that we learn as we follow the lord's example. we experience true joy because of it. :)

wonderful parents.
my parents are wonderful examples of service!! for a majority of the past 10 yrs, they have been in full-time service. it is an example of putting the lord first, and trusting that he will work out the rest. truly admirable. they have been away for most of the grand children's births, for their children's weddings, and even for my grandpa's funeral. i must say, even in my parents absence that i have definitely felt an increased spirit in my life and in my home. we truly feel the love of the savior and we can feel we are being cared for and watched over by a loving father in heaven.

wonderful in laws.

we have been so happy to have them nearby. the kids love going to nana and papa's house. they are wonderful, kind people who are such a part of our lives. nana is so cute and has the quickest wit and such a fun personality. i love laughing and talking with her. we share interests and have a great time whenever we are together. papa is a wonderful patriarch. he is always thinking about his family and how he can help them. we know he loves us and prays for us in any trial or discouragement we are facing. we also feel that papa is one of the most knowledgeable yet approachable people ever. you can ask him any question without feeling judged in any way.

extended family.

WoW! i have the most talented, helping, caring, wonderful brothers, sisters, bil's and sil's in the world, not to mention cousins, aunts and uncles and grandparents! all of them are such a blessing to us! we scored.

we've been blessed with the most fabulous, caring, warm, funny, friends in the world!! old ones, new ones, i love them all. they truly make my life rich.

quality of life.

man, i love living in a free country, where we can worship how where and what we may! we talked about this monday night and talked to the kids about why the pilgrims came here.
oh yeah, mrs. layton told us about this.
she was the king and she said all the boys need to eat garbage.
i like the 2nd grade analogy.
'nuff said.



melis said...

And we are thankfuk for you, Ame! What an inspiration & example you are to us... kind, fun, loving, good, brightens the room, beautiful inside & out!! We love you!

Lindsay Ann said...

Thanks so much for your help with the jpeg form. Sterling says happy b-day too!

Sloopy Farkle-Tush said...

Couldn't say it any better than Melis! Amen. And Amen.

Kimbo said...

Me too and all of the above!!! Love you lots, Aim, and your cute wonderful, fun family. Life really IS great, huh!!

Not Kimbo

Meredith said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Miles Family!!