Thursday, January 10, 2008

my loves

garrett: love of my life

bailey: my sweetheart

alex: makes my heart sing

adam: melts my heart


Jami Baker said...

You are a total BABE!! No joke! How cute are every single one of your posts! I love checking in with you! Your picture looks like the front of a CD cover. Intuition should use you for their covers!

Sloopy Farkle-Tush said...

Jami Baker's comment is the best! Totally nailed it! It's so fun having such beautiful people in our family!! (spoken very humbly) Your valentine posts are lovely!
Love YOU!

melis said...

What a beauty you are! Love the outfit too! Wish you were here to take me shopping like you did when Reedy was in my belly & when I was in the middle phase! Good times! Luckily, I have some mental notes stored! ;) Love you, Mamy!

Clay's gal said...

Hey Amy!
I love that you asked the cop if you could take a picture of his car! He shouldn't have given you a ticket! You should have gotten an award for the best blogger! That made me laugh! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! We need to get together soon!
P.s I love all of your pics!

Dene' Schiefer said...

Hey Amy. I need your email. You can send it to me Great blog as always. You look VERY happy.

Sloopy Farkle-Tush said...

Ames - Your mac photos link doesn't work. (Or at least it doesn't work tonight!) Please check it out, cuz I was looking for more inspiration and couldn't get to your photos! ;)

Kylie said... are SO gorgeous (and amazingly talented)...Garrett's one lucky guy!!

Laura & Jimmy said...

Yes, you are a beauty! What a lovely post.