Tuesday, January 22, 2008

sick and tired

sweet adam had an ear infection.
the yawn
his cute cry
laying on the high chair
cheerio sleeves
the way he holds his bottle
i just love baby
hands and can never get enough
of them.

earlier in the week kim made
a comment that adam's hair was
growing in nicely. the next day
garrett shaved it. again. he promised
this was the last time. let's hope.

like alex says to dad: 'you're not the boss of my hair. mom is.'


Raygon said...

Amy, I just caught your comment on my blog. It took me forever! You have an adorable family and the years have been good to you too. You are beautiful! I will keep checking in on you and your cute little family.

Raygon said...

ps I love all your pictures and scrapbooking. You are so talented.

Heidi Lawson said...
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Meredith said...

Those are some great pics. Poor Adam. I used to get ear infections all the time as a baby. I had to get tubes in my ears 3 times. I love the things that Alex says. Always cracks me up.

Jami Baker said...

Adam is another little Mini-G. He has grown so much since we last seen you guys! But he's adorable and hope he feels better!

Melis said...

Just love this kid! Hope he gets better quick!

Rachel said...

Cute pics Amy! Love the way you have them layed out. Did blogger do that for you or did you do it yourself in HTML? I'm still learning all the blogger capabilities.

Sloopy Farkle-Tush said...

Ames - All of these pics are perfect! Adam is so adorable. I absolutely LOVE all of his poses. Did you do a layout and upload that? I know these are not individually loaded in Blogger - there would be a frame around each one. Did you create your own template or is there one to download?

Love it all!
Love YOU!
Love, me

Clay's gal said...

We had sick Kiddos too! Reed has missed a whole week of school! But, I can't complain the last time he was sick he was 18 months old.He is 6 now!

Adam is adorable hair or no hair!

amy said...

ah yes, i do it in photoshop and then upload it as a picture.