Tuesday, March 18, 2008


2 years ago we were in mexico visiting mom and dad. they took
us to some great places!

this first dinner was particularly
memorable. it was deee-lish!
dad knew just what to order.
gar fell in love with the pina coladas
and learned how to say 'sin alcol' (virgin) very quickly.

i love this picture.
dad had just ordered the food.
mom had just passed around the disinfectant gel. (it's next to the salt)
gar's face is priceless. i know he's looking at that waiter wondering if
this guy was for real.
it being gar's first time out of the country, he was probably wondering
if everyone would look this stereotypical. dark, thick hair, mustache. he looked straight out of
a commercial.
he was so nice and a great waiter.
font arugula rhonna farrer font, 2ps
brushes: vintage postcard, rhonna f. 2ps


Rhonna said...

are you freaking' kidding me????
this is
soooo Gar's face.
Sooo mom (passing the gel)
& so dad....
it's like i am THERE!

LOVE this, Amy...love how you put it like a postcard...

crap...you're good!

Sloopy Farkle-Tush said...

i laughed so hard at Garrett's expression and what you said he must be thinking! Perfect and so true! Tee Hee - can't stop laughing!