Tuesday, May 13, 2008

cinco de mayo fiesta

we had a great time on cinco de mayo.
thanks for the decos, mom! i love the flags and hats! they made it fun. i'm finally posting the pics.

here is alex after he was DONE posing for me and smiling for 'one more'. he really enjoyed himself. :)

can't get enough of this album kit! all i did was plop the pictures
underneath the finished page. how easy is that? i keep
thinking of more uses for it... available next tues here. (sort by
'release date')


hollysboys said...

oh my gosh how fun. I love her page kits especially because it does make it easier to kick out more ideas. I am definately ready for another one, I have almost used my peachy keen kit to death but I love it so much i cant help myself. i will watch for this one on tues.

Meredith said...

Mucho cute pics of Alex. I love them. The rest of the layouts are awesome too!

Rhonna Farrer said...

holy cow, girl. you make my album kit look deeeevine!
& LOVE your photos...how fun...wish I whas there wit you!

cherie said...

ok, these are seriously cracking me up!!!
lincoln looks hilarious! thanks for throwing a fabulous party! you are so fab at it!
and i'm gonna need the recipe for that dip. it was to die for!!

AL and ALI said...

party time! I love the decorations. Adam is looking so grown up these days.

Clay's gal said...

See you guys Monday for family home evening! We're excited!!! What can we bring????