Monday, May 26, 2008


a while back, emily gave the boys the cutest haircuts! loved how she styled
them too.

i just wanted to get a few pictures.
alex was in no mood. adam was a willing
subject... until he ran away and hide under our truck.

~for the full faux hawk effect, click the picture to enlarge it.

*used rf quicky page


Meredith said...

That is too funny. I love that Adam went and hid under the truck. Boys will be boys as they say.

hollysboys said...

i totally agree with the "boys will be boys" comment, its so true.. but the haircuts do look great!!

Rhonna Farrer said...

how stinkin' cuuuute!
LOVE those eyes!
I died at the 'under the car' thing!
you rocked the quick page template!
you da pro!

Clay's gal said...

For some reason Rhett LOVES to get a haicut! Clay has to cut his hair first or he gets upset if he has to wait for the other boys to be done. He sits perfectly still and stares at himself in the mirror the entire time! Silly huh?

My boys keep asking when they can play with Bailey and Alex again! I guess we are just gonna have to get together!!!

Kerby Family said...

Now that is a Ryan Seacrest special but so adorable. We miss you guys and I miss the girls. Tell them I said hello, please if you are still in YW.

Cassie Kerby said...

Hey is this Amy Mask? If it is I am so happy I found you, if it's not, so sorry and cute kids. (Cassie LaRue Kerby) check out my blog at I really hope this is you!

hollysboys said...

Rhonna said that she would like to see the pages that I did with her new kit so I posted 5 of them if she wants to check it out on my blog!

Rhiannon said...

what a cute photo. Boys are so crazy, but I love it, their craziness spices up my life.