Wednesday, July 30, 2008


we went to amazing jake's last week.
all the az cousins and granny & grandpa.
fun times.
after hours of enjoyment (and exhaustion on my part)
we were eating in the theater rooms.
alex was being a good brother.
adam was being his usual self.
adam went to jump to another chair,
alex caught him, and fell himself.
smack on the floor.
the institutional carpet.

long story short, we went home
using a wad of napkins to blot his head
... and signing papers for amazing jakes.

he got 2 staples and this cool bandage.
what a trooper.
friday we laughed, ate popsicles, read
books, learned about the titanic, played
some video games and hung out.
dr's orders.
i enjoyed the down-time
and had fun with these kids.

here is a small sample of our shenanigans.
bailey is standing behind- cracking up.


connie s.miles said...

Poor Alex! So sorry he fell down & cracked his head. Beautiful eyes in photo 1 - freaky photo 2!

AMBER said...

WOW! Poor GUY! Hope he feels better.

Meredith said...

Aww. Poor thing. Looks so sad. But at least he'll have a good story to tell when he gets older! Bailey is too funny!

Anonymous said...

(hee-hee) Bailey's hair looks pretty funny draped over Alex's shoulder. No wonder she was cracking up!!! Glad he's feeling better. Sure gonna miss those cuties. DANG!!

hollysboys said...

I had to keep looking at the 2nd pic and thinking I know she said that was Alex and it looks like him but it has to be Bailey with that hair! And I was totally confused until I finished reading! Thats hilarious and totally reminds me of Garret! Poor little dude, at least hes in good spirits tho! Hope he feels better!