Thursday, August 21, 2008


these are the happenings from the last 2 weeks.
in order.

garrett is now working @ infusion heading the sales team(s).
he is enjoying the new environment and loves a good challenge.
exciting stuff.

kim & jos-b had a sweet baby boy, porter clate mask. he is a
doll! alex got confused and asked to see 'quarter'.
i have no photo of his sweetness.

g and i celebrated 9 yrs!
i came home from meet-the-teacher night, and he was gone.
he was doing the grocery shopping for me!!
now that's true love.
i almost jumped for joy. i did yell a good 'wooohooo' and
adam parroted me.
you know you've been married for a while when grocery
shopping makes your heart race. nice.
the cherry on top:
9 roses and a $90
gift card to ann taylor loft. love that place.
love my man.

school's in session...
i remember laying all my clothes out the night b4.
they did this w/ no help from me.
of course by the 3rd day, alex wanted
to 'cut class'. (since when does a kindergarten-er say that?)
i told him we all have to do our time so he may as well
get used to it and maybe enjoy it along the way. maybe.
both kids love their teachers.

melissa had the cutest baby shower ever.
she is such a cute pregnant girl!!
miles is due sept. 12.
it was fun to see family and friends get
together to support her.
i made signs and chocolate cupcakes.
kellie did yummy food and connie
decorated and brought in sweetcakes, my FAV!!
it was fun!

connie's b-day was the 13th!!
we celebrated the week before by
going to cheesecake factory and
mama mia! it was girls only and
so fun! connie is the coolest m-i-l
in the world. she is fun, witty, oh-
so-talented, is a great 'cheerleader',
and adores her kids
and grand kids. she also has sweet skills
on the computer. what more could you
ask for?
love you!

i took the chance to go to cousin lindsay's
wedding! can i say ga ga gorgeous!!?
it was beautiful and lots of fun!!
i could kick myself for not taking my
camera. i didn't want to deal with the
hassle and the bulk. lame.
we helped out where needed, talked, laughed,
and ate. they are such a great family.
nothing to complain about.
the sealing was so memorable. her grandpa
shumway got to do it. i loved the feeling of unity
and love we felt through the entire weekend, but
it was strongest during the sealing.
yep, i definitely
recharged my batteries this weekend.

a few mental snapshots from the reception:
fragrant yellow roses & white freesia bouquets w/ pearls in the middle of each rose
various glass apothecary jars filled with yellow and white candies
sunset reception on a california hillside
A*MAZING 4' x 6' picture of lindsay in her gown. standing by an arched row of columns
cute pudgy toddlers dressed in yellow and white
aunt mary lynn's expression while watching u. jerry and lindsay dance

(rhonna brought her camera, and we had fun snapping a few shots.
sadly, her camera busted on the flight home. no photos will come
off her camera. poor wonnie!)

kellie and d welcomed autumn rose!
i could eat her up. she's sooo sweet.

yesterday was dad's 66th b-day.
papes, papey, baba, grandpa.
what a great dad. he's an awesome story teller, a big
softie, a spiritual giant, a wonderful grandpa, an amazing example to his
family, a leader, a pioneer of sorts, and just an amazing
person- all around. he's also a trooper!
the past two visits to az, he's had surgery on
a rotator cuff. he was such a good sport through it all.
although it was hard on him, we loved the extra time
we got to spend with him. it sure was fun to pop over
and visit whenever we had a chance, or needed a hug
and a popsicle. sure miss him when he's not around.

whew, i'm caught up on documenting our life's events.
not all fancy shmancy, but i did get it down on paper.


linda williams said...

Wow, you've had tons going on. Sounds like fun. I love reading your blog, it is always so interesting.

Jill said...

That is life in a nut shell! You are awesome:) It was so fun this last weekend. We need to all get together more often...hello, I didn't even know Kim was prego. Where have I been?

Mimmers49 said...

Pheew, and I thought I was busy!! Wow lots of babies coming into your world!

AL and ALI said...

Such a fun recap Amy! I'm so sad I missed Lindsay's wedding - it sounds like it everything was perfect! I'm so glad.

Sam and Mandy said...

All I can say is holy guys have a lot going on. Like always I loved all the pictures! Congratulations on 9 years!

Shannon said...

You have been a busy girl...whew! I loved the picture of your dad! He is so fantastically fun and amazing, best seminary teacher EVER!!! Love you Bro. Mask! Happy 9th anniversary too...what a great man you having grocery shopping and gift card to Ann Taylor, nice work!

Clay's gal said...

You have been a busy girl!Happy Anniversary to you both!

Meredith said...

Wowsers. You HAVE been busy. Congrats on:
Gar's new job-hope he enjoys it!
the new nephew
9 years of wedded bliss
2 kids out of the house for hours a day
having fun with the girls on Connie's b-day
a new really cute little niece
and having fun with your dad

I liked Bailey's first day of school outfit. It was so cute. Melissa's baby shower was sooo much fun; you guys all did such a great job on it! And as always, the photography is just amazing!


Kylie said...

WOW--it's been busy at the miles house!! Sounds like lots of fun, good times though!!

AMBER said...

Wow. Lots of fun stuff going on. Congrats on 9 years!! Thanks for the note & Choc. it was delish & so thoughtful. I would be fun to go out to dinner again. :)

Cassie Kerby said...

Sounds like a good couple of weeks! Happy Birthday to your DAD!!! I think he is probably one of the greatest people I know, always makes me smile!!! Tell him Happy Birthday from me! (polyanna he used to call me) ;-)

Rhonna Farrer said...

ooo, love to hear all the detes!!!!
i needa get my rear in gear & get back to bloggin!
love you!

Logan, Melissa, and Miles said...

I can see you've been very busy! Keep up the good work. Hopefully this weekend you get to relax!