Wednesday, September 3, 2008

heat miser

I'm Mister Green Christmas
I'm Mister Sun
I'm Mister Heat Blister

I'm Mister Hundred and One
They call me Heat Miser,
What ever I touch
Starts to melt in my clutch

I'm too much

He's too much!

Thank you!
I never want to see a day
That's under sixty degrees
I'd rather have it eighty,
Ninety, one hu
ndred degrees!
Oh, some like it hot, but I like it
REALLY hot! Hee hee!

They call me Heat Miser,
What ever I touch
Starts to melt in my clutch
I'm too much!

Too Much!

no. seriously.
heat miser is in control over here.
i had no idea how much AC is needed in AZ.
sure, i get how hot it is
but that's outside.
the past week or so it has been as hot INSIDE my house. add the humidity, and
it's crazy hot. you never realize how precious ac is till it's gone.
busted ac. plus a holiday weekend. nice.

between waiting for numerous (yes) repair guys and waiting for a package i have
to sign for- i have been stuck. here.
hot and sticky. yuck.

my mind goes to my summers in italy!!

(there is NO ac inside. none at all.
i remember thinking that maybe it was a joke the instructors were
telling us. they joked that there was no tp in italy. as far as the ac,
it's oh-so true.)

summer # 1- rome in july.
*the scene of me inconspicuously hiking my
dress up to my knees (under the kitchen table of course) where
we all sat during a discussion. i'd fan my knees... together & out
to try for some relief. (pathetic)

attenzione! (be careful!) It's straight from the fridge.
when someone offered us a COLD drink.
(she wanted us to wait till it was room temp to
drink it.) i didn't that day.

summer #2 calgiari and quartu (on sardegna)

*having my companion tell me that the hole (an open 3"pipe) in
in our kitchen was enough ventilation
for the entire house. (huh?!?) therefore we did not need to open
a window at all.

*walking or awaiting a bus in the muggy swampish
parts of quartu.

*taking a shower and then needing another one as soon as you
towel off... so humid.

hmmm... don't get me wrong. i loved everything about italy!!
the people, the food, the arts, the scenery, the history, the culture,
there were just points in the summer when it was stinkin' hot.

now i will go enjoy a cold drink-
straight from fridge.


Jill said...

I feel your pain! Our AC went out a few weeks ago...can you say HOT!! The temperature in our house was over 90, we had fans blowing and WOW, it was hot. I was so excited when the AC guy finally got here. He told me It would cool off in a little bit, I would not let him leave until I was feeling COLD air from the vent.
I am so sorry. You can always come here.

Heidi Lawson said...

Hee Hee Hee. You know I'm totally laughing reliving your little Italy moment. Remember how if you even tried to open the window on those disgusting, crowded, sticky buses (where we are trying to shield each other so we wouldn't get pinched by the 90-year old men who kept proposing to us) everyone would start shrieking about colpa d'aria?!!

Becky Wagner said...

So sorry about that!

Anonymous said...

CLASSIC, Aim. Love it. Oh those Mediterranean memories!! gotta love it. And we DO!! don't we.

Rhonna Farrer said...

oh man...sosoooo sorry you are soo hot!
(you, hottie, you!)
LOVED the ITLY memories...
have a fab day, sweets!

Logan, Melissa, and Miles said...

You're funny Amy! I'm sorry about your AC going out. I don't think I would last one day in IT-LEE. Hahaha

connie s.miles said...

But we sure are enjoying the nights/sleep-over with you guys and our grandkids!! Alex called it camping out!

Meredith said...

Oh, you poor thing. That totally sucks about the ac going out. At least it is starting to cool off a teensy bit.

And I totally agree with Melissa. There is no way I would survive a summer in Italy. Now, if we're talking a winter, possibly...

Cassie Kerby said...

MOVE TO UTAH!!! The weather has been beautiful. Yes I know that will soon change but for now I am enjoying the 70s and 80s. I love the memories from Italy! By the way thanks for the nice words on my blog!!!

Clay's gal said...

We had the same problem last year!We had to replace our compessor! We have a guy that we use that will beat anyone's prices! If you need the name let me know! Let's all just move somewhere nice and cool! We are sick of this heat and AZ!

We saw Mama Mia and loved it too! I actually have one of the songs from the movie on my blog right now!

We would love to go out with you guys too! Clay's Birthday was on the 3rd mabybe we can meet somewhere in the middle of their B-days!

The Hale Fam said...

Funny memories. I am instantly transported back to Italy the minute I'm in an uncomfortably hot room surrounded by smelly BO. Amen to AC is all I can say. I'm glad you survived.

debbie said...

i'm with ya amy, i have been telling my husband the same thing...i am hot inside my house too, i keep rechecking the ac temps, while i am dripping sweat...i cannot stop sweating!!! oh how i hope we have a cool autumn and it arrives sooner than normal, like tomorrow would be good! see ya at book club