Saturday, November 1, 2008


it was a magical night loaded with dreams fulfilled and wishes granted.

what is cooler than dressing as you wish, and asking for free candy?
not much. i loved it as a kid.
the kids had a great time.

*the girl witch
*the headless ninja/skeleton executioner-ish guy
*the elmo boy
*mom, the witch.

i'm lovin' these halloween brushes. they instantly take your halloween pictures from spooky to spook-tabulous, er, spook-tacular.


RhonnaFarrer said...

holey eye candy, amy!!!!

your pix are FAB!!!!
love how you artsied them all up with the brushes!
you are amazing.

LOVE your sad that poor Adam was sickie...not fun!

Alex looked sooo kyewy.
Bailey is a DARLING witchie poo! love that hat!

and YOU.
holey witchy woman, you!

love you guys!

Meredith said...

Those pics are just amazing, Amy!!!

And I love all the costumes. They are just great.


Logan, Melissa, and Miles said...

So fun Amy!

Anonymous said...

OMGsoh AIM This is FAN*TASTICLY A*MAZING!! You are the bomb!!

Anonymous said...

OK I took a closer look. . .clicked on all the pics to make them bigger and they are even MORE fantastic. You are a very creative fotographer and digi-QUEEN!! Of course having the amazing backgrounds at your fingertips helped, but the way you indentified and used them is FUN-ominal

cherie said...

your tights are the best!!!! so fun!