Monday, January 19, 2009

a love story

where to begin?

about 7 years ago, we were in california.  sharon introduced me to a new love.  right there in sephora.

she sprayed a bit of fresh sugar perfume on my arm and i was instantly, deeply attracted.  it was the yummiest smell i'd ever experienced.  something to note: i loved the smell even when i was pregnant and every other smell made me want to puke and die.  i visited it each time i was in the area.   but it was not time to invest.

just last year i was shopping and had a little extra money.  i decided to bring my love home with me.  before leaving my bedroom, i'd spray a little on, and walk out.  mmmm...  it was heaven.  and it was now mine.

after two days of this, garrett walked in to our room and asked what that smell was.  i smiled and asked, 'what smell?'  (i wanted his take on the scent).  he then said it smelled like stinky diapers.   my stomach dropped as i realized he may be talking about my perfume.  i told him all i could smell was the after-smell of my perfume.  he looked at me and didn't say anything.  we left on our date.

{right by the door to our room was adam's changing table.  i did change diapers there.  no messy diaper was in the room, but there may have been a lingering smell from earlier in the day.  but, mixed with my perfume, i didn't want him to think of adam's bum when he smelled me.}

fresh sugar has been sitting -lonely and untouched- on my shelf for the past year.

skip to the present.
one of my new years resolutions is to 
'remember me'.
sounds silly. and selfish.  but i'm telling you, being a mother of 3, and doing all a wife and mother need to do, it is vitally important.  some days gar would get home from work.  i'd have no make up on,  and be in comfy clothes making dinner.  i would take a look at myself and think. 'i would not want to come home to me.'  i need to spend more time on me.

so in the spirit of remembering me, this week i dusted off fresh sugar and sprayed a little on. heaven once again.  i hoped gar would react favorably to it.

that night in bed, we were snuggling and he whispered in my ear, you smell good.  i smiled. 


connie s.miles said...

Thanks - You made me laugh and I needed that!

And it seems like 7 years since we were last in California. Time for a road trip - don't ya think?

AL and ALI said...

thats great! Yay for not smelling like dirty diapers.

Meredith said...

I think that that was the Cali trip that I went on with you guys. That was soo much fun.

That is a great story. And a very good resolution. Everyone should have time for themselves.


AMBER said...

I want to smell you :)

Anonymous said...

I remember how devastated you were when yo finally splurged and bought your favorite perfume and then learned that Gar HATED it!! YIPPEE that it wasn't the perfume after all!!!!

Jill said...

All SOOOO TRUE!! I love it. There are days ( more times than not)when I think...just one moment alone! I love my kids and all, but I agree you need a little "me" time. Good for you ;) I love the last paragraph of your post...priceless!

Clay's gal said...

Yummy! I want some! The name alone makes me want to come over and take a sniff!

Thanks for sharing that! I think that is something I needed to hear!

linda said...

Your such a sweet couple, glad you don't smell like stinky diapers! I need more I time also.

Lindsay Ann said...

darling story!