Tuesday, March 24, 2009


spring is here... and almost gone.

the tree by my driveway blossoms purple hanging clusters. it's always smelled so heavenly. for a few short weeks a year, it
produces the best scent ever. i could never
place the smell, or the name of the tree.
finally, i found out it's grape hyacinth. my new love. now the blossoms are drying and withering. spring never lasts long enough for me.

but the orange blossoms are all over, and i love
taking walks just to smell them.

we are settling into our house, and i am putting my stamp on it slowly.

the battery's dead on my camera, and i am searching for the charger. it lost it's way in the move. mom, you'll get your pictures, i promise.

i used these stinkin' awesome brushes to create the top and bottom border on this frame.


Rhonna Farrer said...

oh. my.
you always know how to hit it outta the park!!!
i LOVE the eye candy here~!
i sooo wanna come & sit on yer couch with that pillow.
sip cider outta the fab cups!
and...eat a lemon/lime in your NEW kitchen.
and smell the grape hyacinths.
and...grab sunthin' real real neat with that knob!

yea, i'm missin' miss amy!

Clay's gal said...

I'm with ya! Spring does not last long enough! I'm defintley not ready for the hot summmer ahead!!

We need to go on another double soon!

cherie said...

your stamp on anything is to die for!! need to come over soon to get my creative juices flowing!

Rhonna Farrer said...

we LOVE our stickers...thank you!!!

Kylie said...

I can't wait to see the pics of your house!! I wish you could put your "stamp" on my house--your so stinkin' creative!!