Friday, April 24, 2009

package o' delight/ giveaway!

do you hear the heavens singing?
today i was the happy recipient of
this beautiful box!!

could it be any more lovely?
the fab packaging lends itself to a
flower and a ribbon, so i dressed it
up. i decided any way you look at it,

....then i decided to open it, and the fun
just kept going!!!

this is a vinyl REPOSITIONAL piece of art!
that word, re-positional just keeps blowing
me away. i am the queen of liking to switch
things up, so the fact that i can move this
baby from room to room, just made my heart

and, the fun doesn't stop here!
house of 3 is having random
giveaways, (so check it often)
and has a deal for
a limited time. buy 2 get ONE free!
hurry over, they are released monday.
with the offer, you could buy one for
you, and gift one for mother's day!!!
be sure to sign up for the newsletter
so you are 'in the know' on all happenings.
good luck, ladies.


Meredith said...

That is soo awesome! I am looking forward to it.

Melis said...

I can't bloody find the giveaway {& I have a feeling it's right under my nose}! ;) Changed my blog {with the help of House of 3, of course... I may be addicted as I already found another background(s) I like... crud!}. Also, did you put some wallpaper up or is that just some digital work??? It's beautiful!!!

amy said...

they are released MONDAY. oops, i was off. so go back monday to see the goods.

not wallpaper, it's digital. just wishful thinking. :)

scrappfever said...

It's not on their website & none of the ladies linked it on their blog.

Clay's gal said...

OOOOHHH! I likey! I want one! So cute!

Rhonna Farrer said...

hey guys..sorry for the delay!
we are doing the giveaways ON our blogs...that way we can give away MORE! hee hee!

so, it's starts today...check out my blog or the other House of 3ers!

thanks, you!AND...your fabulous photos & ideas...they are on our home page! woohoo!
you are THE best!