Tuesday, April 14, 2009

dad the teacher

as long as i can remember, dad has been a teacher. yeah, he taught
religion @ the jr high, high school, and college level. but beyond that,
he is just a born teacher. and he's an awesome story-teller.

this weekend we had the opportunity to sit as a family and listen to him
teach about the importance of temples and eternal families. i loved being
together as a family. we missed rhonna and her family. but the rest of us
were there. it felt great. i loved looking around at all of my brothers, sisters,
nieces, nephews, and parents. this is what it's all about, and we all felt it.

i don't get to see dad as much as i'd like, but seeing him teach brought back a
flood of memories. like the time(s) i got busted for losing it (laughing) during family home
evening, and the time shelle broke out singing "in a barrel of beans, in a barrel of beans"
as dad was telling us about sacrifices to bring scriptures to us. then there was my ninth
grade year when dad was my seminary teacher. i never realized how good he was, or why
all the kids liked him so much. until that year. you can't not like him.

he got to know each student.
he asked about likes and dislikes.
he attended all the sporting events, and all the concerts of his students, and took a TON of pictures at each event.
he was every student's number one fan.
he went out of his way to teach an awesome valentine's day lesson on marriage.
he showed video clips that went along with his lessons. not the whole movie, but the part that illustrated his point. that got our attention.
and, he gave out candy for reading our scriptures. who doesn't like candy?
he knew what motivated kids. he knew how to speak at our level. he was amazing and we all loved him.
he also did this funny thing with his hands to illustrate and teach us the scripture references to our scripture mastery. that is the only year of scriptures i still know every one of.
i think the top of the list is Genesis 39:9. still makes me laugh whenever i hear it referenced in church.

dad has taught missionaries a lot lately. i bet they love him. he also spoke in conference which was a highlight for us kids! we all got to be there in person and listen to him. it was one of the greatest times. our kids got to watch him on tv as they were home with nana and papa, and they loved seeing grandpa on tv.

we had an amazing weekend with both families! i will fill in next time. i just wanted to get these pictures put up. they are sooo classic dad. i know everyone of these looks, and i love them.


Yvette said...

My friend named Amy Bryant has a picture of your dad on one of her facebook photos. Its titled my favorite seminary teacher. I was always going to tell you that but forgot. I enjoyed reading about your dad.

Anonymous said...

WOW, Aim. You captured him!! Awesome photos and sweet text.

J/K Mask Family said...

I usually don't leave comments:)
But I really loved this post. I love your dad and could sit and listen to him for hours, even after, especially after Joseph would say, "Don't ask him any questions tonight."
I really like all the pictures but the last one on the right is so classic dad! What a gift he has for teaching and touching lives like mine.


RPH said...

Your dad is so great!

I do remember him being a very animated story teller. And I could listen to him tell stories all day!

This was fun to read.

Clay's gal said...

You have such a neat family Amy!
That explains why your so great!

melissa said...

i am so glad that I found your blog and the post of your dad. I loved him as my seminary teacher and the visual I have of Brother Mask teaching Genesis 39:9 brings a smile to my face. :)

Jan said...

Your dad is amazing...I will always remember his rocking Camero with "BR MASK" on his license plate! It is no wonder your and all your siblings turned out so stinkin awesome. Loved what you said about him...I bet he loved it too!

Rhonna Farrer said...

aw, i'm with ya sister! love dad...LOVED reading this! very sweet!
i missed everyone!
but, lived vicariously through you...thanks!

Shannon said...

Amy your dad by far was the greatest seminary teacher ever!! I too only remember the scripture mastery from his class...and totally remember Genesis 39:9!! It was so awesome to see him in conference, he is a gifted teacher.