Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a new school year

school has begun and everyone seems to be doing pretty well.

both kids are happy with their teachers. alex woke up the second day and asked me 'who invented school? cuz i don't like them.'

adam was right there with them. he even put clothes on. still no shoes...
we have a year to work on that.

house of 3 white conrers


connie s.miles said...

This is such a cute pic! Bailey is stylin in her cute clothes, and I see Alex finally decided on a pair of shoes. And I love how cute little Adam is following big sis & bro to the curb - not wanting them to go.

And as always - Alex says the cutest things that make us smile!

Rhonna Farrer said...

LOVE that pic.
LOVE that Adam is so cute.
LOVE Alex's sayings... he's classic!

LOVE Bailey & how FAB she is ,too!
we miss you!