Saturday, September 12, 2009

eye candy

here's the halloween tree i made out of my neighbor's cast-off branches. i got some christmas deco danglies & white birds, then sprayed them all a shiny black. then i printed off these haunted images and went to town. my inspiration came from here.

i added a few pics of the hutch lookin halloweenie. (last year's sign)

Quoth the Raven is one of g's favorite sayings. maybe because it's so vague and
he thinks it can be used like the word 'indeed'. so i made our entry in honor of him. i thought this background was only fitting. (and this font)

now i'm on to the next project!
tuesday i get that order i await. it will finish off the kitchen. (smile) don't you love to track packages? hooray for ups.


Meredith said...

So cute! When I have my own home, I am totally ripping off some of your ideas.

Melis said...

Grrrrr! You bug!!!

But you know I love you & am just super jealous of your incredible talent in the decor department!!!

charisse mask said...

dang amy, you are so good! i love the ideas! i'm gonna make sure i get that kit from house of 3. i'm impressed you are already decorated for halloween. i haven't even thought about it yet. : )

Rhonna Farrer said...

are you KIDDING me????

you seriously ROCK>>>>
LOVE your decos!

Annie said...

Love it! You are just as creative as your sister! Thanks for sharing!