Friday, September 25, 2009

kitchen ~ ever evolving

EVOLUTION. see pics here.

my favorite and least expensive improvement has been
CURTAINS for both windows!!

ok, really just a valance for the small
sink window, but it softens the window and filters the light so well. (plus i don't have to look at the ugly side wall).

i already had the valance and just bought a tension rod for $3 @ wal*mart.

the other rod i had, so i picked up 3 semi-sheer panels from target for $5 each.
it was the BEST $18 i have ever spent.
wish i'd done that months ago.

and mom was here the other day. she said the famous phrase 'oooo do you know what that needs?' (pointing to the valance). 'some black pom pom trim.' agreed!
i had bought some a few days prior. i gave it to her and she took my valance home~ then returned it sewed (sewn) and ironed. what a fabulous fairy to have around! what am i supposed to do for the next 3 years w/o her?!

i like the white flower 'cupcakes'.
it only cost me $6.50. i was storing the cake stands, so i dusted them off. i picked up a flower bunch 1/2 off @ hobby lobby. the papers were $1. much more cost effective than $8/ cupcake x 16+ shipping and handling!

keep calm and have a cupcake found here. makes me smile every time i walk by it.

now i need to turn my efforts to the blank family room wall.


Jill said...

Ah, It looks Awesome!! I love the clean sharp look with the black and white! It all looks amazing. You have been a busy woman :)

Deredevils blog said...

Looks beautiful! You have such great style! I love all of the candy and sweets. So fun to look at. My darn kids would be finding ladders and such to eat it though. Those darn kids.

Yvette said...

Sorry that was me Yvette. I didnt realize Derek was signed in Sorry

linda said...

I love all those colors together. It looks great!

Heidi said...

I'm really hoping you might turn your efforts to MY house. We could use a designer around here :). You have got such style, girl!

Jana said...

I absolutely LOOOOVE your style. After the family room, would you turn your attentions to my place? I figure you can either come up to Utah and look it over, or I can email you pictures and you can tell me how to fix it. :)

You're wonderful.

Rhonna Farrer said...

oooo, Amy.. this is fabulous! you are always amazing me with your schtuff!

**that tablecloth is SUPER cool! me likey!

Jami Baker said...

It is ABOSLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! Good work woman!!

connie s.miles said...

You should be a designer for PotteryBarn!! You really have STYLE!!!

Everton Family said...

All I can say is WOW!!! Can I live in your house? It looks so peaceful.

the DeCampos Family said...

can you walk down your street... to the corner house... and give that house some tlc. You are so amazing it is not even fair. Congrats on the new calling. You will be awesome!! Seriously if you get bored you know where I live!!