Friday, September 18, 2009

a mini project: delightful books

after a gno last night~ i waited up for g to return from recording. i printed out different patterns of some digital paper on white sticker paper.

i made on photoshop, some i tweaked, and some i got straight from here.

it was a fun night.

i did get my order on tuesday! ...and it wasn't quite what i'd expected. stinkin' mail-order s
what is pictured is not always what you get. i almost laughed out loud when i opened it. i made do and am still tweaking. pictures to come.


charisse mask said...

Wow Amy! I'm loving it! What did you cover? Are you all decorated for Halloween? I want to come see. I'm wanting to decorate next week. : )

Rhonna Farrer said...

wait. what's that on the floor?
oh yea.
it's my JAW!!!!!

yea. my jaw hit da flo' when i saw these...

once again.

amy said...

charisse- i covered gift-type books. kinda like small coffee table books. i just put a spine binding on 'new moon' since it's black anyway. Then found a few thick church history books we had that were the size i wanted. :) rhonna, the white one is the one you gave me~ 'live good'. the small boxes~ i found this week @ ross.

not all decorated for halloween. i haven't even gotten into my bins in the storage shed. alex keeps asking. there's just so much stuff to go through...

connie s.miles said...

Very pretty!!!

TheReadFam said...

cute cute cute. WOW