Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SPARK~ day 1

this was the most fabulous weekend!
it was pure magic from the beginning.

let me paint the picture:
a crisp autumn day
blue skies, breezy
we were up on a hill overlooking the
valley @ this is the place monument
(an old pioneer village complete with
chapel, hospital, hotel, gathering halls,
train, tree lined streets...)
the fall leaves were beautiful
before i even got to the door, we were
greeted by streamers of paper flow
and doilies.
paper pinwheels, tulle and lace adorned
trees, posts, the old chapel, and a wagon.

music was piped through each building, and
on every speaker along the gravel street. it
was fabulous, like having a soundtrack to your
life! i walked in and wanted to jump up and down
with excitement and energy.

after i looked around a bit, we wa
lked up the steps
to the main gathering hall and rhonna ran
out the
door to greet us, jumping up and down and dancing!
it was fabulous. i was so happy to be there to support
her and to see her genius @ work. and man, was it

the day was filled with goodie bags, EYE CANDY,
real candy, chatting, excitement, mini classes and
give aways, yummy food, the **Sweet Tooth Fairy**!
(I got to sample a chocolate and charisse got the
vaNIElla cupcake. i'm glad i was already sitting when i tasted
it. it was that good. and so darn cute.)

it was great to be exposed to so many different types of
crafts. knitting, hand sewing, heat press, cricut, cool new
paint techniques... i just loved it.

i am praying for SPARK, round 2!!


Family of 3 said...

Sounds like heaven! I'm glad you had fun!!

Laura and Jimmy said...

sounds like fun! You have such a talented family!

Melis said...

So fun! So, so fun!

margie said...

darling amy...
thank you for being at Spark! Your sis was right...YOU are a treat! It was so fun to get to know you a bit...
Darling...FuN and Sparky...
kiss kiss

Rhonna Farrer said...

awww, ame!!!!
LOVE this.
I got teary eyed when I saw the pic of me running to you guys....
seriously...seeing you there was fantastic. I was soooo giddy!
LOVE that you came.
it wouldn't have been same w/o you!!!!
love you!

Anne said...

your photos are amazing! and of course you can send the slide show link. i had a lot of fun with you!

Clay's gal said...

So glad you had a good time! I knew that you would!! And again, you have mad photo skills!You talented lady!

Anonymous said...

Love it, Aim. All of it!!!!!!

Lindsay Ann said...


Melis said...

Happy Birthday most beautiful girl!

Love you lots & wishing you a most wonderful day!!!

margie said...

hope you had a happy happy day!
love love love
kiss kiss

charisse mask said...

love this amy!
the pics are amazing.
spark was so fab.
i loved it.
soo glad you got to go.
love you,

ps hope your bday was great!