Thursday, December 10, 2009

joy to the world! and other christmas carols

well, joy to my world anyway. i finally got christmas decos up on saturday with the help of the kids.

does the wall quote look familiar? got the art here in a word-art pack and cut it with my vinyl machine. (thx once again rhonna, for creating the art that makes my heart SING!)

a good laugh:
i've had the christmas radio channel on in the car. today we ran some errands and 'feliz navidad' came on. apparently alex thought it was venise bobby-bah because he kept singing that phrase
over and over in wallgreens. people were really staring.

***and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout-out goes to my s-i-l melissa! have a fabulous day, suss!

M- mighty cool
E- ever so thoughtful
L- lovely
I- imaginative
S- sweet
S- styl-eesh
A- a fabulous friend


Rhonna Farrer said...

it's in the alex!

and...LOVE your vinyl! oh are so amazing!

Meredith said...

Hahaha. Alex is hilarious!
I love the word art! Very cute.

I was thinking that for the gift for my sil, maybe something like "chocolate jar" "candy jar" and some little candy pictures? I don't know. Maybe I should bring the jar over to show you and you can come up with something brilliant!

Melis said...

Awh, thanks Mamy! You da best!

And that sweet Alex! Can't wait to squeeeeeze 'eem!

cherie said...

so pretty, ame. need to see your decor...right away! :)

Cassie and Chad said...

Amy, I have some questions about the art kits. I have a vinyl cutter. When you buy the kits do they go into your font file is that how you can print them on your cutter? I am still pretty basic on the computer, I have had my cutter for years. Just need to do some!

shabbyjuls said...

Love that wall you use a silhouette cutter??