Monday, March 1, 2010

update/ euro tour2

really, a lot is going on and i haven't taken the time to blog. the infusion deadline is fast approaching. 10 days. it's coming along, but there is much to be done. (i really dig these potted plants. the way they used the oversized rocks is so cool! i want to incorporate this idea in the planters i'm doing for infusion. to give credit, i forgot to bookmark these, mom do you remember what you googled?)

bailey got a stinking cute new cut from emily. it really suits her. it's her first real do.

alex is as smart as ever, confounding me daily. :O

adam is a fire cracker and loving playing at his friends' houses during the week while i am feverishly working away.

garrett has been in the completion process of his 3rd album berlin sky for months now. it's really a great one, maybe my favorite. it's crazy, because when i hear the recordin
gs, i am amazed that he has so much talent. it's one that doesn't come out in the day-to-day and it blows my mind every time i hear him sing. shamelessly talented. the beginning of may he is going to tour germany again and open for de-vision. i would be going along, except for 2 very big things.
1. intuition (gar and ken) are paying their own way since they won't be on the de-vision tour bus this go-round. trust me, it's better that they rent a car and stay in hotels along the way than to be on the tour bus again.

2. it's during the last couple weeks of school. i can't leave the kids then. there's always so much going on.

so, off gar goes into the european sunset. he's already getting anxious about the motion sickness and travel. he gets it. bad.


Jami Baker said...

Ooooh, I can't wait for the album!! And I love those pots too!! So cute!! Post a picture of Bailey's hair!!

Lindsay Ann said...

Bailey has my old haircut. I love it on her. I think I'm going to cut mine like that again in the summer maybe. I want the new album. Let me know when I can get it.

Rhonna Farrer said...

loooooove! can't wait to see b's har. it's super fab, I"m sure!!!!!

can't wait for G's CD, too. listened to Berlin Sky this a.m. & made me think of our camping trip! gotta do it again!

Lacey said...

What's this infusion talk? And a picture of Bailey would be nice! I can't imagine you cut her hair completely off!

Clay's gal said...

Hey pretty lady! I love your blog! You have mad photog skills! We just got a new camera (Rebel Tli) and I have no clue how to use it.
Next time we go out you will have to give me a photography for dummies crash course!

So glad to be part of the Infusion fam!

prashant said...

So cute!! Post a picture of Bailey's hair!!
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