Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lil' Miss Utah

Bailey chose Utah for her 4th grade state report. They held a state fair where other classes, and parents were invited to walk through. Fun!

For the state fair:
1. Make a cookie in the shape of your state.
The shape was so basic, I made a (thin) cake. Could there be a more simple shape than this? Try making Rhode Island as a cookie.

2. Dress up as someone related to your state.
Bailey chose a pioneer.
dress: granny made it (for me when I needed a costume) when I was Bailey's age.
bonnet and petticoat: Nana made for the pioneer trek she and Kellie WALKED. They followed a part of the actual route the pioneers did. It was super cool to wear something that had special meaning. Special thanks to grandmas!

We went to visit Bailey @ the 4th grade state fair. it was fun to see what she had done on her poster.
i must admit i was ready to see it. the 4th grade team requested that we as parents let our child do the entire project on their own. as a result, 99% of it was finished during school.

Great job, girl!

Facts about Utah:
Nickname: The Beehive State
Motto: Industry
Date of Statehood: 1/4/1896
45th State

The VERY best thing about Utah:
in less than 2 weeks, she will be in Utah, visiting with aunt Rhonna and cousin Tali!!


Melis said...

So, so fun! Go Bailey!

But I'm pretty sure she's growing up to fast!!! Almost a 5th grader????

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Bailey! you rock!! (I think that pink dress was a roadshow dress that Rhonna or Shelle wore, but you can go on thinking I made it just for you, Aim!)

connie s.miles said...

HOW FUN! What a GREAT job - Bailey!! And I'm excited that you wore a bonnet & petticoat that I made! What a surprise!

amy said...

Lol, mom! i totally thought it was for little bo peep. Well, you still made it and that's what was cool to bailey. thank you. :)

Yvette said...

I'm so telling Shay to pick Utah. It does look like one of the easiest states to make a huge cookie out of. Bailey did a great job on her project. It looks great!

Becky said...

Do you take all of your pictures? They are really good, you'll have to teach me some tricks, I am REALLY bad at photography!