Monday, August 16, 2010


i like change.

i've been thinking lately that change is a blessing.

it breathes life into the everyday.

seasons of life~ i'm thankful for them.

for a few reasons.

1. it reminds me to embrace the 'now'. it won't be here again.

2. it helps me realize i can't do everything all the time. there's a time and a season for everything, right?

right now mine happens to be young children, and all that comes with them.

3. i love the seasons~ summer, fall, spring, winter.

two weeks before school started i resisted

the turning of a new leaf. (pic found here) i'd be losing my kids to public school. and a schedule was on it's way. no more lazy summer days, swimming, reading marathons, home 'movie theater', camping trips, and popsicles. then, 2 days before school began, i started to feel new life breathed into me and i felt it was time for me and the kids to turn this new page. i craved structure. i felt ready and happy. and thankful for change.

the kids were excited to meet teachers, see friends, have recess, and bailey was excited to wear her new clothes. adam even got school supplies since he starts joy school tomorrow.

i'm feeling sad that my baby is not a baby.

i'm missing his rounder cheeks,

his smaller frame that fit perfectly in my lap after a bath.

his baby babbling and all the snuggling.

i have to remember it's given way to

*more meaningful conversations.

*a growing relationship

*songs he makes up like, "my momma loves me, my momma loves me" while he smiles up at me.

*a capable little guy who's ready to read and learn.

and grow.

i guess there is a little bit of mourning inside me as this season changes. i have to remind myself not to mourn so much that i miss what's good about it, what i'll never get back.

just breathe.
and repeat, 'i like change, i'm thankful for seasons'.


Rhonna Farrer said...

ok. i'll repeat, 'i like change, i'm thankful for seasons'

you nailed it sistah.
love you!!!!

amy said...

bwhaaaa! rhonna, didn't mean to make you repeat it. ;)

Anonymous said...

You are a beautiful writer!
(You can take that both ways, cuz they are both true!!)

connie s.miles said...

Slow down world. Change comes too quickly. The seasons come and are gone before I realize they were even here.
Slow down everyone and everything that I love and that is beautiful and good.

And everything that isn't - - get the heck outta here!

Lacey said...

This post made me cry!!! I love new changes but hate seeing my kids get bigger!

As for the camera- I have the 50D. I love it! I was debating between the 50D and the 7D and found the only difference is the video capability in the 7D. And your going to pay about 500 more for the 7D. We have a video camera and my little point and shoot has video too so I didn't see the need to upgrade even more just for the video. Besides, it's not what I'm using the camera for anyway.

Of course I would love the mark D but couldn't justify an upgrade that big- maybe 5 years from now when I've outgrown my 50D.

I'm looking at new lenses right now. I'm lusting after the 24-70 but it's a $1300 lens! UGH! Most likely I will end up with the 85mm. I"m just in need of a great zoom lens that has low aperture but isn't the kit lens. Any suggestions?

Hope all is well- I'm so glad we can keep in touch through our blogs! I love yours!

Me and my boys said...

Such a captivating way of putting it and so true, you are an amazing girl!!!

Becky said...

They grow up so fast. I know what you mean. It is very sad looking back.