Thursday, September 30, 2010

de colores

adam: mom, i want a weegie.

me: a weegie?

adam: yes.

me: a squeegee?

adam: no. a wee*gie.

me: where did you hear it?


it's not it, it's HE!

it's mawio's brother.

me: ah, Luigi.

adam: yeah! i like a weegie.

(i wondered how he knew mario brothers. he'd watched cousins play it at kim's house.)

adam has been a coloring fool. the last 2 days, we've printed out so many pages we now have a stack the size of a full coloring book. he's really improving too.

now my quest for a table is really on. i don't want to pay a lot, but craigslist hasn't really been there for me the past few months. i'd like one of the pottery barn kids tables but i may just get the ikea one.

any suggestions? what do you use?


Jill said...

Okay Amy, Where did you find those PJ's??? Ashton loves loves loves Star Wars! love the table too :) mine just always used the bar...not too exciting.

amy said...

i found the pj's @ target (or walmart) at christmas time. yeah, adam adores them. they're the ones that come with shorts and pants. i wish i had a bar! we're spacially challenged.

Lacey said...

We have the ikea one in white and my girls love it! The chairs are expensive though- I think $20 a was a present from the grandparents! ;)

Rhonna Farrer said...

looooove this! sol & I giggled as we read it...we now refer to Luigi as 'a weegie'.