Sunday, October 10, 2010

a new plan

the six of us kids used to make quite the racket. we were a traveling circus.

now i know why my mother used to stand in the middle of the room, {noise and chaos rampant} raise both arms up and yell, "QUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIETTTT!!!" all while she shook her fists frantically in the air.

then we kids would laugh. but we were quiet~ for a few minutes.

i thought she'd lost it. now i know it was {partly} my fault that she had.

with half the brood my mother raised my house is ridiculously loud at times. (it's fun too, i just need balance). i need a new plan. it seems like my "programs" and incentives only last about 6 weeks and then it's time to switch it up. i need a new plan of attack~ a new bag of tricks.

what is currently making me want to pull a Carol:

*the noise. (clapping a rhythm, singing made-up songs at the top of one's lungs)

*the destruction. (how many times do i have to hide my scissors in a new place?!?)

*the murmuring. (but mom..., why don't we ever..., why do i have to..., she started it...)

*the jumping. (the rule of no jumping on the bed/couch has not penetrated 2 of the cute little skulls).

i feel myself thinking the same things mom would say to us kids. we all turn into our mothers.

it's time to play ring master and whip the kids into shape.

not literally.


Melis said...

amen. keep us posted on the tricks you use. ;)

Connie Miles said...

So clever and entertaining! Good luck with your little clowns this week.

Anonymous said...

hil*ARIOUS, Aim. I'm waiting with baited breath. WHATEVER could be next. . . . .

PS: love the vintage circus pics. reminds me of when my dad and i would go to the circus. FUN times and definitly VINTAGE!!

amy said...

mom~ yes, vintage. i found them in 3 different books from 1941-3. i bought a book "tell me a story" that was given to a child for the christmas of 1937 and it got me interested and looking through old books. they don't make 'em like they used to.

Rhonna Farrer said...

holy cow, timely!
LOVE your kids & their antics. and LOVE your memories of OUR mom...ha ha ha. love it!
now we 'get it', huh?
mom, you're the best. love you!
& amy, lub YOU!

Becky said...

I am right there with you. I am going along with the moto

"Kind and firm"

we'll see how that works out!

here is that website I told you about: