Friday, January 21, 2011

to know him

is to LOVE him. and i do.

i am dubbing this alex week, (check out the pic below).
here are the newest ALEXisms:

bailey: (ipod on- bruno mars, singing to earphones, doing the dishes after dinner)
'....Tell the devil I said “hey” when you get back to where you're from
Mad woman, bad woman...'
alex: mom- we shouldn't have that song in our house. it talks about the
me: yeah, you're probly right. it's a clever way of saying that he thinks the girl should live in hell...
alex: oh. you mean an inference.
me: yeah... wait. what did you say?
alex: an inference. we learned about it in school today. it's when you draw a conclusion from the information you have.
me: you are one smart boy.
(laughing a little because i'm caught off guard. i kiss the top of his head and hug him.)

me: when did you grow up so fast? i can't believe how big you are. it's crazy.
alex: mom, it's actually not that crazy. everyone turns one year older, every year.
today at lunch i got a call from the school nurse who had alex in her office.
he had smacked into a tree. and hit hard.

i was there in a few minutes and walked in to see him with an ice pack, and looking like this:
he had been playing soccer. he blinked,
and when he opened his eyes, he'd run right into a tree.
ouch. this happened not 24 hours after a softball practice where a kid hit the ball and the ball slammed
right into alex's chin as he ran to 3rd base! the coach said he heard a huge POP like when you put your thump in your mouth for the "lollipop" song.

so we are watching him, icing it, and he's taking it easy. besides, our dr's office has nothing available till monday.

11:30- get a call from the nurse
11:33- pick up alex
11:37- pick up adam from his friend's house
11:45- go back to shcool to get alex's lunch from the lunch bin and give bailey alex's bike key
12:00 get alex a smoothie
12:15 drop adam off at a friend's house
12:25 go home. i ask alex what he wants for lunch. i offer baked ziti left overs ~ that he loved.
alex: i really want pizza
me: ok. i wish i would have known since the smoothies are right next door to the pizza place.
alex: mom, it's hard to tell someone what you want, when you don't even know yourself. i just started feeling like i want pizza, but i didn't think of it when we were out.
12:30- pick up pizza
me: alex- can i run to the store to grab some ingredients for a drink i have to make for sunday? it's 5 things.
alex: um, mom, i just feel like i want to go home and relax. could you go and leave me at home while you go?
12:45 drop alex off. run to walmart.
1:30 get home, assess the situation. alex is doing fine. he's eaten half the pizza and found an ice cream sandwich in the freezer...

...and now i have 2 hours before i start making the rounds with the kids, and fly to utah for a quick visit with my seester and wonderful aunt who is very sick. i am so excited to see them. i am finally feeling well, and have begun to reclaim my life after months of sickness.


Connie Miles said...

Alex is one of my most favorite people!! He is so intelligent and smart and clever and fun and funny. I'm sorry he had a rough couple of days in sports. I love reading your Alex-isms. They tickle my heart.

Have a great time in Utah, Ames & Gar. You both deserve a little R&R (and not the bed & bathroom kind).

Rhonna Farrer said...

ohhhh! we LOVE Alex!!!! he is one of our most fave peeps, too!
LOVE you, Alex!

& was soo much fun being with you guys this weekend.
we LOVE you sooo much!