Monday, April 25, 2011

puttin' the smack down

this is what mom always said when she was on a discipline kick or a chore kick. (and she didn't mean extra coins) basically it was whenever she wanted to take the reigns back from the six of us kids.

i've been there for a few months now.

last week i used a small wall by the garage door to hang:
scripture of the month
miles family rules and consequences (the kids had input here)
a summer schedule (very relaxed with blocks of time for certain activities.)

i started the summer closet with books, games, summer movie tickets- free popcorn shirt-$1 soda cups for harkins, bubbles, card games, etc. i still need to grab some things including the light brite a friend suggested. it's a good start.

in the laundry closet i hung:
Laundry : how to
Laundry Schedule

saturday I had alex read the how-to's to bailey while she did a load of wash.
then bailey read the next half to alex while he switched the laundry, added the dryer sheet, removed the lint, and started the dryer. i told them when the baby comes, it will be their responsibility to do the laundry while i recover. if they follow the schedule of 1 load of colors and 1 load of whites a day, they can stay on top of it.

they actually seemed to enjoy it. we'll see how long that lasts. but at lest they did it without a problem.

the family rules are going well. this is the first time i've bundled adam in with the "big kids" and held him to the same standard. i took his TV privilege away for a day last week when he hit alex for drinking the last of the o.j. the next morning he woke up and said,

hey! i have all my priviges!

and he's said it every morning since, even if they weren't taken away the day before.


Connie Miles said...

Nesting is taking on new meaning!

Anonymous said...

I'm LOL!! Does granny get any "priveges"? I think he must relate priveges-- losing or regaining-- with being a "big kid". Probby loves that!! You're awesome!!

Rhonna Farrer said...

LOOOOVE this, Ame!
You are a great mama...mia!

Lacey said...

I'm impressed! I can just see your cute little house with these signs hanging in them!

I didn't realize you have to have a c-section. Me too. My recovery with each baby got easier and easier! And when I had my mind set to get over it, my recovery was quicker! I was so determined to get back into a normal routine! That definitely keeps me from going crazy! Good luck! I'm sure Bailey will keep those boys in check for you!