Saturday, April 16, 2011

super hero day

i'm asleep. at 6:45 i felt the presence of another human next to me. my eyes shot open and alex was sheepishly smiling down at me. standing next to my bed, he whispered

i scared you. it's super hero day. i wanna be super man. will you help me find something?

we went through the costume bin and he quickly realized superman involved tights.

change of plans.

how about clark kent? he asks

so i grabbed a suit his cousin had handed down, adam's underoo's shirt, a tie, and started looking for our 3-d glasses. after i remembered i'd thrown them out, we grabbed some of my old sun glasses and popped the lenses out. not the perfect shape, but they'll do.

tip for alex:
pull the shirt open when they judge so you give the full effect.

he ran home to tell me:
he won first place for the whole school! first place feels good.

he adds:
and mom- i pulled my shirt opened the whole time. (red ribbon here)

poor guy walked home from school in a dark suit and tie- in 90 degree weather. taking a few pictures was arduous- then he ripped it off. superman style.


Anonymous said...

YEA for ALEX, but mostly for MOM. You never cease to amaze me Aim!! FIRST PLACE in the whole school!!

Jana said...

This is great. It deserves first place, no question about it.

Rhonna Farrer said...

soooo fab! Alex is da bomb diggity bomb!
& i LOVE that you are such a great mom!
love you guys!