Saturday, August 27, 2011

after school treat

we were sitting around the table the day after school started. i made a hawaiian punch icee and we were comparing red tongues.

alex: mom, you're pretty. and he smiles at me.
me: (gush. how sweet is this kid?)
alex: i'm glad you married dad.
me: awww, thanks, alex.

and then in true alex form, cocks his head to one side and he continues:

and you laugh a lot. and you laugh at dad. and i think dad is even funnier because of you. cuz if he had married another wife, maybe she wouldn't laugh at him. and maybe he would be stressed more, and then we would all be more stressed, and probably not laugh.

and everything would be different. we would look different. well, for sure adam and bailey cuz they look most like you. they would probably look like the other mom. and for sure we would all not be as happy.

and with that, he smiled and went back to his red slushie.

my heart melted.
and "after school treat" took on a whole new meaning.


Connie Miles said...

I second what Alex said. You ARE pretty. And you ARE the perfect wife for Garrett and the PERFECT mom for your kids. And we LOVE you.

Tisha and Mark said...

It did take a special lady to put up with the G child :) Saw the previous post with the updates. 4 kids seems to be working out peachy for ya ;)

Nancy W said...

How sweet! Hugs from Conroe, Texas

Rhonna Farrer said... I LOVE that boy, Alex!
and yes...that kid is a smart one...
he nailed he always does...
you ARE pretty.
you ARE funny.
you DO laugh....& you ARE perfect for G!
and...i LOVE that Alex was able to articulate all of that...
he is truly amazing...
your kids are ALL amazing..
cuz of you two...
ahh...aren't families the best!

**and, I LOVE that ending. made me get all teary eyed! **

Becky said...

OH MY GOSH!!!That is the cutest thing EVER. What a little sweetheart! Love the picture too

the DeCampos Family said... ARE the luckiest!
What a sweet boy he is.
You ARE the BEST

cherie said...

I was just thinking about Alex yesterday. He has such a good heart. Love that kid! And I love hearing you laugh too!

krk realty said...

I miss surfin on lakes. Like wake boarding and all that stuff.

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