Sunday, July 22, 2007

The bomb...the biz... the straight-up-shiz...

Gar looked for every opp to use his 4 wheel drive. That really made the trip for him! This is the road we took up to the TOP of this mtn. (There was snow and it was quite chilly) The pics don't do it justice. The one where the truck is sideways- that was the widest part of the road where we had to turn around. It was only
as wide as the truck-length itself!! I almost hiper-ventillated. (I guess I have NO sense of adventure). I had to get out and guide Gar. I thought- I HAVE to get outta
this car before it falls off the cliff!! The next thought- WAIT- everyone I care about is in the car! Hmm... l was stuck
between a rock and a hard place- literally. :)

I couldn't believe how far the drop was off this path! Eeesh! Glad the kids were asleep and no trauma was inflicted.

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conniemiles said...

These photos are picture-perfect!! They should be in a magazine! Did you and the kids have as much fun four-wheelin as Garrett obviously did?