Sunday, July 22, 2007

Oooooh, what a smile!!

Okay, breast feeding this lil guy is getting more difficult as the days pass...
He does this thing where he eats for a bit, then when he's had sufficient for his needs, he
unlatches, looks around and smiles at whoever will smile back!
Usually Bailey, Alex, or the TV (since it's 'talking'). Then, he drinks some more, and repeats
about 5 times.

Sunday, I was in the mothers' lounge and was so happy we were ALONE. This would
be fast- no distractions. I turned my chair to face the corner to facilitate things.
Two seconds later, a mother comes in with her new baby. Great. Adam will definately
flirt. As soon as she is situated, he peers around my chair, and flashes this smile you see
in these pics. It totally takes the mom off guard, as this little face is smiling with a wide smile, scrunched nose, and rasied eyebrows! She doesn't know how to react, so she says, surprised, "Oooooh, what a smile!"

What a happy, sweet little guy Adam is!! He has truly turned into a boy.
On his 10-month birthday- he started acting like a big boy.
He was crying- and Alex tried to cheer him up with his slap-stick humor.
Alex ran into the wall and fell down, and Adam thought it was the grandest thing ever!!
Alex said- hey, he knows I'm funny!!
Also, Adam does this bear-crawl-thing where he's on all fours.
I call it all-terrain-crawling. He goes so fast, and nothing gets in his way.
He bull dozes over anything in his path. He just wants to RUN! Skip walking!

He is so fun and so sweet- and he delights Bailey and Alex. Each morning when he wakes,
I bring him into the family room, and he looks for Bailey. He just loves her!! She is soo good
to him and knows just how to make him happy. What a helper she is! She is so competent, I
forget she is a 7-year-old!! She truly amazes me. Adam lights up shen she's around.

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Rob, Melis & Reed said...

I love these pictures! I love that scrunched up 'lil nose! Too cute!