Thursday, September 20, 2007

this boy loves halloween. he loves all things 'cweepy', 'fweaky', and 'dith-guth-ting'. friday he and i decorated for halloween. my house is now full of the stuff. that's how he likes it.
yesterday i went in to the kitchen to see my table full of trees, web lanterns, iron spiders, j-o-lanterns, and pumpkins.
i just looked at alex.
he said with a straight face, 'this is the official playset'.
as if to say, yeah, i know i climbed up on the counter, the windowsill, and the buffet table to gather all this stuff. but it's here now, and because it's 'official', you can't touch it. it's staying put while i play with it.
we both had a good laugh and i grabbed my camera-- you know, to make it more 'official'.


Julie said...

Amy- hey, it's Julie (Wold) Spilsbury! I was so excited when Kylie gave me your blog address! Your family is so cute and your kiddos darling! It will be fun to keep in touch with you this way!

Love the Halloween kid! So cute!

amy said...

julie, nice to hear from you! so glad you found us.:) i'd love to read your blog and catch up on your cute family.