Friday, September 21, 2007

our legacy

i love this painting of my grandparents. i love that they were sweethearts in sixth grade. laurie, my mom's friend painted this and i love the feeling she is able to capture in this painting. her own words:
Young Love How often is young love scoffed at in today's world? It used to be cherished, reverenced and thought of as the beginning of future generations. A first glance, long talks, love notes, slow walks, kisses and then a marriage that would last forever.
i feel happy and blessed to enjoy the legacy they left. we also have been blessed with wonderful grandparents on garrett's side! our own parents are amazing people and great grandparents! last week's grandparents' day was celebrated by the elementary school. gar's parents came and ate lunch with bailey and what a great time they had! she felt so special.
I wan to pass on stories and experiences to my children. i want them to know and understand what makes them great. what amazing examples we have of love, courage, determination, honor, hard work, charity, loyalty, selflessness, service, being thrifty, perseverance, consideration, tolerance, patriotism, citizenship, truthfulness, kindness, generosity, being grateful, patience and cheerfulness!

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AL and ALI said...

amy i love this! that picture is the best. we are so blessed to have them as our grandparents.