Monday, October 1, 2007

euro tour: play-by-play

dropped off gar for his 7:00 flight to houston
gar called- landed in houston with no problem
he didn't get air sick!
plane leaves for amsterdam 1 hour late (rain)
1:15 am (our time) (10 amsterdam time)
plane lands (tracked it online thanks to connie's info)
gar called from a cell phone ken got in germany.
he is fine -just wanted to say 'i love you'. (awwww...)

(and that would have been the end of the info and phone call had i not pumped him for info....)

*they missed their connecting flight (to berlin) in amsterdam
due to the rain in houston when they took off.
*they JUST got to berlin (7pm)
current problems:
there is no room for them on the tour bus...
no room for their gear...
don't have the german cell phone # on hand (so i have no # to reach him)
no internet access
he didn't sleep much on the plane
#1 problem:
he hasn't showered since sunday @ 4am! (big one for gar!!)

okay, so i'm sitting here typing all of this and the stats are pretty grim.
that may be part of the reason he didn't offer much info in the first place.
i hope he's not too bumbed.
i know everything will work out fine!! it's gar here. he's a closer!
get him a shower, and a place to stay (sleep!!), and the rest will work itself out.

tomorrow night he will be standing in front of 10,000 people and be at
the top of his game.

bring it on.

an answer to phone calls i've gotten:
**ken is from germany so he speaks the language and can help them get around. they will be fine. i will update as soon as i hear from him.


amy said...

just heard from cory @ gar's work.
they talked for a few seconds.
the taxi ride was $50.
gar is very optimistic about the situation, and is just happy to be there.

Jami "Harper" Baker said...

Keep us updated!! I was curious how things were going for him and Ken! Things will be good once he gets on stage! WOW, can you believe this is actually happening? When we heard about this, it seemed like forever away! Go GARRETT!!