Friday, September 28, 2007

witchy woman

last week i had one of those nights when i was done for the night. it was a long day full of homework, piano practice, teasing, chasing, laughing, and playing- with a bit of mischief thrown in. gar had a late music practice, so i was going it alone. i had done the whole nightly routine. story, prayers, tucking in, and kisses. then i did the tucking in and kisses about 10 more times- after i'd find them sneaking down the hall on their hands and knees giggling and thinking they were sly and i had no idea they were there. (i actually remember doing the exact same thing with jeff. dad would be watching tv and we'd be sneaking and laughing and crawling slowly down the hall to see what 'magic' was going on. everything seems more fun when you are supposed to be in bed and you aren't.)

ok, so the kids were doing this for forty-five minutes! the fun had definitely worn off for me. but i had an idea. (a wonderfully awe-ful idea grinch) i told them if they came out one more time, they would be sorry.

i knew it would be a matter of time before they came out, so i had a few seconds. i ran into my closet, grabbed the halloween costume i had just bought, and threw it on. it's a black hooded gown with long sleeves. perfect for the snow white witch. i ran back into the hall and could hear bailey and alex whispering back and forth to see who would go first. i smiled.

alex came first with bailey right behind. slowly crawling and giggling as they came down the hall. i was crouched down- their eye level- and was patiently waiting for them to come far enough down the hall so i could surprise them. alex came first. he saw my face and i just smiled. i decided a smile was better than a boo. it up-ed the creep factor.

alex shreaked a high note, jumped 2 feet in the air, and yelled 'bailey' as he ran past her down the hall. i was dying!
a few seconds later, they both came running down the hall laughing uncontrollably. they loved my costum
e and wanted to play again. we did.

so, as a parent, i didn't choose the best recipe for settling them down for bed. but it was dang fun!
guess we started a halloween version of bah.


g said...
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g said...

Hey whats up? me again. Its like, 30 seconds since my last post. Its like a drug or something. I dont think I can get over this and I sure as heck dont know how I ever got on with it. I want you to know that you have serious skill. I love how you got the upgrade to Photoshop. I think that made alot of sense. Especially since, you learned how to use it and what not. I knew you could do it guy. Hang in there guy. Or gal. Its really up to you. Thats whats so cool about Photoshop. Its a whole new world. They should put on the box "Enter this whole new world at your own risk because once you do, you will never have a clean house again". But even that, you figured how to do that too. Thats why you rock so hard! You enter that new world and come back to mine to shake things up. I love you. I love you so much. You radiate beauty.

g said...


after looking at the last few posts I realize that maybe I dont express myself exactly the way I feel. I really cant believe you are my wife. I am so lucky to have you. You are a wonderfull wife and best friend. You are truly my best friend. Im sorry that I sometimes take you for granted like best friends unfortunatley do. I will do better for sure. We will start when I get back from Germany. Actually, I just started.

g said...

So here we are. Its been a crazy few minutes since the last time I posted. I cant believe how time flys. Alex has pooped his pants again, I have already threatened him twice to take a shower, and a few other things have happend too. Just wanted to say, keep up the great work.

g said...

Geez, what I am supposed to do? I have this writhing desire to just, well, keep posting. Its insane. So anyway, keep going strong!

g said...
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g said...

wow. i look at the pictures on this blog and when I realize that the people starring back at me are mine, I cant help but feel total and complete gratitude to God for his love for me. A man could never have more in this life than I have been given. Amy is the perfect friend and wife. She is half of me that is good and right. I am the half of her that sucks.

Jami "Harper" Baker said...

Wow, I feel so fortunate to be posting comments with such a thoughtful man. He is every woman's dream poet!! You are a lucky woman Amy!! Hey, love all the Miles' info!! That was such a great idea to dress up in a witch costume. Braeden is in this phase of being scared of everything, the fire alarm light, any noise, dark. So I would have to try that another time or he will get nightmares!! But I love the Miles' humor. You guys are such fun and great friends!! Have fun Garrett in Germany. Amy if you get lonely, call me and we'll do lunch or something!! See you guys soon!!

Sloopy Farkle-Tush said...

OKAY!!! That has got to be the funniest thing I have ever read!! I can visualize it perfectly! I have to just keep reading it over and over and I can't stop laughing! I loved "the creep factor"!! Amy - you really have a way with descriptive words!!

amy said...

hmmm... i had forgotten that a past hobby for gar was to harass the web master at the apple forums. looks like you have rekindled that, hu gar? i am still laughing. thnks.

Kylie said...

Amy... I love it!! You are such a fun mom!!! I am glad to know my child (since the other one isn't old enough to get out of her bed) isn't the only one who won't stay in bed!!!