Wednesday, October 3, 2007



October 3, 2007 at Batschkapp
Maybachstra├če 24, Frankfurt, 60433
Cost : 20 Euro
9pm (noon az time)

fun discoveries!
the above link is for today's venue!
*webcam shows the outside entrance/eating area
*veranstahungen shows bios for playing bands. click de/vision. scroll to the bottom for intuition. (it's in german and english, so we can read it finally!! i guess technically we could read it before, but it made no sense;) & a big thanks to connie for finding this band bio!!- i should have figured that veranstahungen just means 'band bio'.)

band bio highlights include:
*remixes for the popular bands De/Vision, Camouflage, Iris and others within the electro-pop genre.
*licensed the dance pop-infused track "Beside You" to Konami for the X-Box game Dance, Dance Revolution
*licensed their song “Words Don’t Mean A Thing” to the movie Turn Around due out in September of 2007. (in stores now- Deseret Book...) see soundtrack left.

Fun stuff going on! it would be so fun to sneak a peak @ gar on the webcam! in my opinion- it's a waste of a webcam if it's not taping a great spot! all i see right now is an umbrella, some stairs, railing, and a run-down corrugated tin building with graffiti on it. c'mon! when does the magic start? :) i take it back- it's a perfect ploy- just a teaser so you'll buy tickets and go to the show.

gar will call after the show with an update. i'll write then.
i decided it's more fun to have your husband gone on a music tour than a regular business trip. it's really made the time apart move quickly for me. it's been fun updating, finding fun information and blogging it. you sort of lose something when you blog 'he just got out of another meeting! - i'll let you know when he gets his rental car!'


Sloopy Farkle-Tush said...

AMEEE!! Your posts get more AMAZING every-stinkin-day!!! How DO you do it!!

Rhonna said...

wow...LOVE this, Ame!!!
So fun...& ITA>>>>it's so much fun hearing about Gar...the supahstar ganstah!
love you guys!!!!!

cherie said...

check you out, PS girl!!!! love it!
i'm such a garrett groupie right now! :)

amy said...

thanks, girls!
well, the webcam shows nobody outside right now, so that's a good sign. they are inside listening to gar.