Tuesday, October 2, 2007



October 2, 2007 at Anker
Knopstraße 1, Leipzig, 04159
Cost : 20 Euro

guten morgen!

it looks like the concert starts at 9 instead of 7- like i thought.

so, at noon, give a shout out to the east. & imagine gar on the stage doin' what he does- for a huge crowd!!

no update yet. i imagine they are in sound check now and getting ready to go on stage.

as soon as i hear how the concert went i will update!!

below is a map of the concerts they will play. they are going all over germany, and then #5 is in Lodz, Poland. (central poland)

last night gar mentioned that it would take 14-15 hours to drive to lodz from hannover.

1. leipzig

2. franfurt

3. stuttgart

4. hannover

5. lodz, poland

6. berlin


Rhonna said...

so fun to SEE where he is!
& I LOL at the 'i'm with the band ' tee...Adam is so cute!
(love seeing the arrows, frame & blog banner in action from you, missy!)

amy said...

no, love them from YOU, rhonna! you da best! thanks for creating them.

Sloopy Farkle-Tush said...

Adam is so adorable! I love the shirt! And the map! Ames – you are doing a great job with the updates!! Keep ‘em coming.

My stomach is so nervous – you’d think I was the one going on stage! So glad I’m not!