Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Saturday was our halloween party at church.
the kitty and the invisible man had a blast!

i stayed home with adam since he was DONE
after our short trip to flagstaff.

the report was great.

*lots of candy
*fun booths
*meeting up with freinds
*GREAT costumes to see

ps- rhonna- loving the halloween stuff! you are amazing.
can't wait to switch to christmas.
check out her stuff here.
and a HUGE happy birthday to you! hope it is wonderful. wish i could be there with you!


ZB said...

Amy, thanks for the comment on the blog. Your little family is darling. And I had no idea that your husband was a performer. Pretty cool. Your little girl is darling...and looks just like you. As for Rome stuff:
That is a blog that was set up by Sis. Pacini (served after the Flosi's). There are some names of a few missionaries on the side that you may know. Check that out. As for the Flosis...I just don't know much of anything. If you find them miraculously, I'd LOVE to hear how they are doing. I wish they'd have a reunion. It's been about 7 years since the last one. Good luck. I miss Italy more than I'd like to admit. Hopefully, we'll be headed back in a year or two.

melis said...

BUSTED! Your blog looks aWeSoMe!

Sloopy Farkle-Tush said...

Ames - You are THE QUEEN of DESIGN!! I thought I was doing pretty good with the Halloween thing but YOU BLEW ME A WAY!! WOW!! Love your additions to the photo. Also love love the kids' costumes!! SO FUN!

Meredith said...

You are sooo creative!! I love the Halloween design. And the little finishing touches on the pics are awesome!! I need to take some lessons from you!! Haha. Loves to your family!!

Laura & Jimmy said...

Hi Amy! This is Laura (Tenney) Your blog is great! How do you come up with that cute title? And your children are adorible!! :o) Hope you don't mind me spying... I saw your link on Kylie's blog.

cherie said...

you go girl!! lovey all that you've done!

Kylie said...

so fun! I am totally in love with the family picture at the top of the blog...you are amazing!! I love what you did with it!!!

Rhiannon Nielsen said...

Amy I like your layout. Adorable.

Teriney said...

Ditto and ditto! Glad you found me! I have just started blogging and am having fun getting intouch with old friends! I love it! You will have to tell you dad hello from me!

AL and ALI said...

i love the spooky look amy! cutest kids ever