Sunday, December 2, 2007

happy rainy day!!

alex and i
wet day.

it rained and
poured &
rained some

i love this cute guy.

turns out that overcast, an umbrella and no flash are great conditions for alex's eyes. he wasn't bothered by the light.
now, if we lived in seattle... maybe i'd have more pics of this sweet face.


Laura & Jimmy said...

I love these rainy days! :o) More great pics!!

Meredith said...

Those are some awesome pictures. Alex is so cute. Love those kids of yours! The rainy day was perfect. I love those days. Only problem was that I had crossing duty right in the middle of the downpour! Luckily I had a big umbrella and about half the kids were picked up, but I was still soaking when I went back in. It was a great day!

cherie said...

perfect ame!!

just love these!