Wednesday, November 28, 2007

gingerbread house

we made this wonderfully fast gingerbread house thanks to the costco kit. it was the perfect amount of time. about 45 min. from start to finish. the kids really enjoyed themselves!!
it was a GREAT night!!

i will never forget my mom's houses! homemade. she would make a village.
fresh gingebread
victorian cookie cutters for the windows
gingerbread mom, dad, girl, boy cookie cutters
melted sugar for the seams (still remember the smell... ah)
white icing

we had to find just the right decorations!
fruit stripes gum - shutters
spearmint leaves - bushes
necco circles - shingles
crushed life savers (melted)- stained glass windows
red hots- lights
licorice- lining
candy canes- pillars

i can still see her filling the paper with icing and making each individual icicle. she wore this christmas apron she made. i had a matching one.
she knew how to create the magic.


Kimbo said...

Wow, Amy! I had no idea you were so impressed. Can't believe you remember ALL those details!
These pictures are priceless!! It looks like you all had SO MUCH FUN! You're a great mom and I love you.

Kylie said...

So fun and cute!! are seriously an amazing photographer--I LOVE your pics in EVERY post!!!

Bridget and Dustin said...

What a fun family night together! Love all your great pictures too!

Jami Baker said...

WOW- how do you make such a simple moment of family time look so perfect? Your family always looks so happy and well put together! You make families like mine seem so boring. You have such a talent for photography. Your blog always looks so professional! WOW!! Well, I guess we will see you tonight. Mark says we are going to dinner with ya!! See you then!!

Jami Baker said...

Did I mention I miss reading Garrett's comments? I always felt so uplifted and inspired after reading what he had to say!!

amy said...

gee, thanks guys!! so nice. :)

Laura & Jimmy said...

I agree with everyone. You are an amazing photographer. I really enjoy looking at all your pics. And I'll have to check out those gingerbread kits at Costco. That looks like a lot of fun!

Sloopy Farkle-Tush said...

Ames - Your blog looks like it belongs in a Christmas magazine! So glad you had a fun time with the gingerbread houses! Papa is happy too. We both love the pics.

Ok - it's been too long between posts - get busy! Can't keep your fans waiting!!
Love you!
Love, me

Clay's gal said...

The Costco gingerbread house is a tradition at are house as well. Somehow the candy decorations keep disapearing. Maybe a mouse ate them. I think it was three little mice named Reed,Reddin & Rhett! Hee Hee! Merry Christmas!