Sunday, November 11, 2007

ode to chick-fil-a

friday night gar and i went to buy sneakers, the movie (remember that one?).

we stopped by chick-fil-a on the way home. he had never tasted their lemonade. i told him it was a must. later, in the car i told gar if they were ever in need of a good word, i wouldn't hesitate to give them one. he asked why.

m: they totally cater to moms.
g: really, how?

okay, first, they let you trade the dumb toy in for an ice cream. not so great for the healthy diet- but way better than picking up the dumb toys once they are home- or stepping on them- then throwing them out a week later.
2.they always have the air on COLD, so you're not dying of the az heat.
3. the play place never smells of urine.
4. they have like 9 choices for salad dressing, and normal food-- that a mom would eat.
5. they have plastic high chairs (not the heavy wood ones!) with wheels, so you can put your lil' one in and push them to the table while balancing a tray of drinks in the other hand. then, it has a holder and a canister of disinfectant wipes so you can do a quick clean up from the kid before you (of course after you leave and become 'the kid before', the next mom will do a quick swipe before putting her child into it). it's perfect.
6. a cute older lady comes around to ask if you need anything- utensils, dipping sauces, napkin, refill... so nice not to have to take everyone up with you to grab one of those things you may have forgotten.
7. if your food is not done right after you order, you go sit down, get the kids situated, and someone will bring the rest of the food to your table. nice.

and the best thing:
they have these cool new childrens' place mats! it's thin plastic, with pictures on it & fun stuff for the kids. then, the back has these adhesive strips- so you peel off the backing and stick it to the table in front of the child! you can put food directly onto it- no plate or napkin to throw onto the floor. i love these and would love a pack of them to bring around with me!

after my list, gar smiled, kinda laughed, and looked ahead at the road.
bet he wished he never asked me why i think chic-fil-a caters to moms.


Kimbo said...

YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!!!!! I laughed and Laughed and LAUGHED! But I'm sold for sure. chick-fil-a for ME!
MOM (not Kimbo)

cherie said...

yes. yes. yes. the play place doesn't smell like urine. that seals the deal for me!!


Laura & Jimmy said...

LOL! I didn't know all that about chick-fil-a (although, I have noticed the playground smells better than most)! I like that you can trade in the dumb toy! And I also saw something once about how the owner will never open on Sundays so their employees can always have a family day. I like that too...... I may have to go get some chick fil a today-I think they need to pay you for the advertisement....

AL and ALI said...


you can buy those plastic placemats adhesive things at target in the baby section. at least at supertarget. they are great, i use them at every restaraunt.

amy said...

oooh, thanks ali! you're the best.

Rhiannon Nielsen said...

That is so true. I love chick-fil-a. It's nice to go to places that cater to moms. It's a nice time to relax and just watch the kids eat.